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House Painting Danville: To Add Value, Paint Before Selling

House painting in Danville serves a lot of purposes, and one of them is to “stage” a property when it’s put up for sale. As simple as painting your house may seem, it can help you to sell it more quickly.

House painting is a cost-effective way to increase your home’s resale value. If you want to make your home look attractive to potential buyers but you don’t have a big budget for remodeling or renovation, the more economical but effective alternative is to paint it. Even something as simple as re-painting will help your house to rise its value on the property market.

If you want to re-paint your home when planning to sell it but you don’t know how to start, here are some tips that may help you:

1. Repair and repaint the surface
You want your home not only to look good but also to be stable as well — and these are the things that your potential buyers also want for their future home. If the exterior isn’t properly prepped and repaired, how could you effectively sell it? Even if the interiors look good, house shoppers won’t bother to check it out if they are turned off by a house that looks old and dilapidated on the outside.

Before painting your home, it is extremely important to prep and repairs the surface. Proper preparation and repair mean less painting. Check the siding for any noticeable flaws like cracks, holes, fissures and rust. Fill these gaps and flaws with a spackling compound or wood filler. For peeling, flaking, or blistering paint, scrape it and then sand the surface to smoothen it. If the siding has accumulated a great deal of mold, use bleach or a solution of borax and vinegar to remove molds and inhibit the new spores from growing. Priming the surface adds an extra layer of protection to the siding and provides the topcoat a better adhesion, so it’s highly recommended especially when re-painting old surfaces.

2. Re-paint your kitchen
A beautiful kitchen, whether new or remodeled, can easily sell homes. A kitchen is probably the most popular communal room for renovations. Since it is usually nearby to the dining area, the kitchen is not just a place to cook and prepare meals but it is also the place for family bonding and for entertaining guests.

A fresh coat of paint will definitely bring new life to your old kitchen. No matter the color you choose, you should always go for paints that have a sheen as they are excellent in repelling dirt, dust, splattered oil and food, and grime.

If you want to repaint your kitchen altogether, be careful with the choice of your new color scheme to avoid turning off potential buyers.

White is the default color for most kitchens, but you may want to bring a pop of color by adding touches of red, blue, or yellow. If your kitchen is a bit dingy, brighten it up a little by painting the cabinets with white or shades of yellow, or by adding metallic colors (like gold and silver) to the backsplash to give the kitchen a little shimmer.

It’s also okay if you want your kitchen to remain white as it will leave the new owners the ability to add the colors of their choice once they’ve bought the property. You just have to refresh the look by re-coating it with a new white paint.

3. Re-paint interior walls
Most homeowners have little idea what the potential buyers want the interiors to look like. For this reason, they re-paint the safest colors such as white, beige, or light gray. This will leave the new owners the chance to personalize the space with their preferred paint colors and add new furniture and decor to complement the whole look.

Some homeowners though think that white or beige is too plain, dull or cold, so they insist on adding colors to make the rooms look more inviting to potential buyers. But just like in re-painting the kitchen, they should also be careful in choosing their new color scheme for the interiors or else it might repel house shoppers.

If want to re-paint your home with new colors but you’re still not so sure, it’s best to use one color but with varying shades so that they will blend well together, or choose the colors that match the other design elements of your home. It’s also helpful to consult with the best painting contractors in Danville in regards to choosing a new paint color scheme for the interiors.

4. Spruce up the bathroom
Next to the kitchen, a bathroom is also a popular area for renovations. Refurbishing an old bathroom doesn’t have to cost much, other than cleaning/disinfecting, repairing the toilet, faucets, shower heads, plumbing and other fixtures. Brighten up the bathroom by giving it a fresh coat of paint and perhaps replacing your old shower curtain with a new one. It is ideal to choose a paint and primer with anti-mold and mildew properties.

Aside from making your bathroom look good, it is also important to make it smell fresh as well! Buyers will definitely love a bathroom that’s clean and smells really nice. Place natural odor absorbers like a potpourri or a scented reed diffuser. Nothing beats like coming to a pleasantly-scented bathroom!

There’s another option to keep your bathroom looking good and smelling fresh: choose a citrus-based paint and paint products like solvents and primers. Citrus-based paints are considered as one of the eco-friendly paints that are made from natural ingredients (lemon is the common main ingredient). Usually, citrus paints have absolutely no VOC levels, plus they give off a pleasant fruity aroma.

When you plan to sell your home in the future, prepare it by house painting in Danville and see your property value rise, wow your potential buyers, — and eventually, peg that “SOLD” sign in front of your property in no time!

House Painting in Danville – Intumescent Paints Can Protect Your Home

House painting in Danville isn’t only for the sole purpose of beautifying your home. It can also protect your abode from natural elements such as heat and moisture. Not only does paint protect your property, it can even save your life. How? Paint can help save your live by acting as an extra layer of protection against fires.

If you haven’t heard of “intumescent paint,” then it’s time for you to know all about it. This may be important especially for those who are living in areas where forest fires often occur. California, with its mostly hot and windy conditions, is prone to forest fires which range from moderate to devastating. If you are living particularly close to the forest, maybe you should learn why intumescent paints will protect you and your property.

An intumescent paint is a special type of paint which can be incorporated into your regular exterior paint. Since intumescent is colorless and clear, it doesn’t conflict with any color scheme. You can use the intumescent paint to both painted and unpainted surfaces. Intumescent paints are also easy to apply as it is done in the same way just like regular paints. Anyone can use intumescent paint; but if you have to prove building compliance to a government agency or for insurance issues, it is best to let a professional painting contractor to handle this kind of paint.

Intumescent paints are not really new technology and, in fact, have been in use particularly on commercial structures for several years. However, it has been reformulated and redeveloped for better performance and quality. The best news is that intumescent paints are not that expensive any longer and thus are more reasonably priced. These paints are highly recommended for use for residential buildings in fire-prone areas. Intumescent paints can be used when painting the exterior of your home, even applied to most sidings. With intumescent paints, you will now be able to enjoy its benefits of safety and protection without sacrificing style.

An intumescent paint consists of a substance which when exposed to very high heat such as a fire, produces swelling. Indeed, it can swell by as much as 50% of its normal volume, and insulate between the heat source and the surface you’ve painted. When the paint’s swelling becomes larger, it is actually going through a chemical change which causes the paint to turn into carbonaceous char that is resistant to fire and a weak conductor for heat. Therefore, the intumescent paint protects whatever surfaces it has painted, for a time. Please keep in mind that despite these facts, an intumescent paint is not otherwise fireproof, and can’t be depended on to extinguish a fire. However, intumescent paint can buy time for other fire retardants to take effect, or for firefighters to reach the scene. The more coats of the intumescent paints you apply, the longer time you have before damage occurs.

For commercial buildings, the additional time could imply saving inventory. For homes, the extra time might mean the precious time you need to save your family and important items out of the house. Intumescent paint is reasonably priced but it saves lives and properties — and in that respect it is priceless. It could also make a difference between structural damage and cosmetic damage. By delaying the spreading of fires to actual components of a structure, it gives firefighters the extra time to arrive and apply water to put out the fire.

With all these factors, you may want to consider applying intumescent paints for the protection of your home the next time you’re going to do house painting in Danville.

House Painting Danville: Using Stronger Colors

There are times when you need a fresh change in your home can be as simple as house painting in Danville. It gives you the opportunity to choose the colors that you want for your room. Sometimes it’s fun to think out of the box and experiment with different shades or colors you wouldn’t normally use.

For instance, why don’t you try using dark, bold, and vivid colors? You may be tempted to avoid trying strong colors for your room. Why? You don’t know where to start? Well, take a look at the color of your furniture and your curtains, for instance. These will give you a good starting place. Decide which wall colors will complement them. The small color chips that you can get from paint stores may not always be of help when choosing stronger colors. Instead, try painting cardboard or a piece of plywood with the bold color of your choice, and set against the wall to get a better idea of how the color would look like when painted.

Perhaps some of you aren’t sure enough of your choice to paint your entire room in bold colors. But you may want to choose just one wall to paint the bold color, turning it into an accent wall to highlight artwork, souvenir collections, or an entertainment set.

The choice of colors will help you decide the overall atmosphere you will have in your room. For instance, if you want your room to feel cozy, go for warm colors such as deep red or orange, a goldenrod yellow or chocolate brown. This is especially suitable if the color of your furniture is neutral. These bold colors can also help you locate accessories more easily such as decorative pieces or throw pillows.

If you want colors that are more relaxing to the eyes, choose deeper shades of blue, green and purple. If you have natural-looking furniture such as mahogany cabinets and shelves, a dark forest green will perfectly complement them. Another suggestion is pairing ultramarine blue or indigo with gray trim; this combination will give a tasteful, exquisite feel. Dark lavender is also a good choice to set you in a relaxed mood.

You can also go for colors that are quite the opposite of your furniture. For instance, if your furniture is mostly warm colors; tone down the room by painting cooler colors. This gives balance to the whole space. If you have mostly cool-colored furniture, paint your room with warm colors to lift your mood.

This may sound odd, but painting dark colors on the walls does not to make the space recede as is commonly thought. You’ll be surprised that they will instead make your space larger and still allow it to feel cozy at the same time.

House painting in Danville can help you create the space you want. Your imagination is the limit so go on and paint your room in any color that you desire. However, it doesn’t hurt to seek the helpful advice from professional painting contractors in the area for more dark color ideas.

House Painting Danville: Safe Paint Strippers to Use

Most homeowners consider safety a top priority when house painting in Danville and then achieving an excellent finish. Sometimes there is a need to do away with old paint more effectively when a simple scraping won’t work. When this is the case, the situation calls for a paint stripper.

Before, the only available paint strippers were made of chemicals like methylene chloride (sometimes also known as dichloromethane or DCM). Such chemicals found in strippers are highly toxic because they have great quantities of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that give off nasty fumes. Prolonged exposure to strippers containing high levels of VOC will likely result in a variety of respiratory and kidney problems. You may still use chemical-based paint strippers but do so ONLY when absolutely necessary and when your space is properly ventilated while being used and for as long as possible after they are used.

Thanks to a combination of scientific research, advanced technology, and growing awareness towards “green” building, we now have several safe and eco-friendly paint strippers on the market today. They are now commercially available and you can use them in your house painting in Danville, without worrying about health risks.

However, no matter how safe these paint strippers are, there are still some guidelines that you should follow. A paint stripper that is “green” doesn’t mean that it has zero harshness — it’s just that it’s less harsh compared to its chemical-based counterpart. Eco-friendly strippers may still irritate your skin, eyes and nose, but not as seriously as the harsher ones. It’s still necessary to wear protective gear like face masks, goggles, and hand gloves when using eco-friendly strippers.

The downside of “green” strippers is that they don’t have the same capabilities of removing paint as quickly as the chemical-based strippers. So you may need more patience when using eco-friendly strippers. After applying the stripper you may have to wait a bit longer until you begin to see the old paint has been entirely stripped off.

Here are some of the safe and environmentally-friendly paint strippers:

Soy-based paint strippers are one of the most common eco-friendly strippers available on the market. They are safe and even considered gentle that you can put them on your hands. Soy-based paint strippers can remove acrylic lacquer, shellac, urethane, and varnish, aside from old paint.

Milk-based paint strippers are available mostly in powdered form. Many people who have used milk-based strippers praise its effectiveness in removing old paint and its ease of use, as well as its pleasant, non-noxious odor. The powder is mixed with water, and then applied on the old paint. It usually takes about an hour before the old paint has been totally stripped off and the stripper has been completely dried. Afterwards, just rinse it with water.

Citrus-based paint strippers are also available on the market. However, there is some debate about how safe they really are. Citrus-based strippers may be less toxic and carcinogenic, but you should still use them with caution. They would still irritate your eyes and skin, as well as may cause some breathing problems. Their lemony scents are a particular allure to children and those who have sensitivity to odors. However, that very scent can cause the user prolonged exposure to the paint stripper, causing him/her to feel sick, especially when the space doesn’t have enough ventilation.

Eco-friendly paint strippers now make removing old paint much safer for your house painting in Danville. Contact your professional contractor to discuss which any of these “green” paint strippers is suitable for you.

Why Hire a Professional for House Painting in Danville?

When thinking about undertaking such as a house painting in Danville, you basically have two options: You can try to tackle the job as a do-it-yourself project or hire a professional who will do the job for you. But why hire someone else when you think you can do the job by yourself?

Some people do the job themselves because they think it will save them a bit of money. However, they often don’t realize that it really may not be the cost-effective option they hoped it would. Here are some reasons to hire a professional which make sense if you plan to start house painting in Danville:

1. Equipment
Painting, obviously, requires the right materials that are on hand at the same time. If you the paints but haven’t already got any of these materials — paint mixers brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, caulking, paint trays, drop covers, caulking guns etc. — you may have to purchase all of them before you start painting. And despite buying many of these, you’re still not too sure if they are made of the high-grade materials and will do the job correctly.

When prepping the highest surfaces of your home’s exterior, you will need scaffolding or ladders to help you reach it. But only a very few number of homeowners (if anyone of them at all) own a scaffolding or a tall ladder; almost all of them would need to rent it. These items are not cheap, and could end up being expensive depending on how long you actually keep them.

A power washer is also a good tool to have. It is used to remove debris or loose and peeling paint. However, most homeowners do not have their own power washer so they would need to rent it. If you don’t have your own power washer, you may rent one, too. But are you certain you will be finished with it by the time you have to return it? Suppose it rains for a day or two while you have the machine, the rental company will not reimburse you for those days, so the rental would be a waste of money.

Some tools require someone who knows how to use them properly, either by experience or training. For example, a power paint sprayer makes painting easier and saves a lot of time and effort — that is, if you have one and you know how to operate it. If you don’t have one, painting your home can take a little bit longer than you think.

Hiring a professional painter for house painting in Danville will eliminate all of these inconveniences. They will already have the equipment needed, as well as have the knowledge and confidence on how to use them, to do the job right.

2. Time
Time is an important consideration in every undertaking, including house painting in Danville. If you attempt to do it yourself, consider the time you will need to prepare the home’s exterior surfaces before you can start painting. You may have to spend your entire vacation painting your home, or weekends, too, depending upon how big your home is.

Even if you have the time you need to do the project, will you be able to achieve the results you want by doing the work yourself? Chances are you won’t have enough time to devote yourself to the project and finish with the results you want. Let’s face it, saving a little bit of money may simply not be worth the time and effort needed.

Hiring a professional painting contractor will save time. Since painting buildings is what they only do and nothing else, professionals will be able to devote their time to the project. As a result, they will be able to finish it on time.

3. Safety
How safe do you think it is to climb a tall a ladder or scaffolding is to paint the uppermost parts of your home, such as the eaves and ceilings? Even if you don’t have any problem with heights, it can be risky working too high off the ground. A professional painting contractor has the tools that are needed and experience working at these heights so they can do it safely.

4. Quality
Do you think you will be able to produce the quality work you want when you do the painting job yourself? This is an important question since your home is important to you. Professional painters have the experience to make sure your house looks great when the job is done. If the finished product matters to you, then it’s better to hire the seasoned pros to do your house painting in Danville.

Why Paint the Fireplace As You Are House Painting in Danville

If you are house painting in Danville, there are some parts of the house that require being updated. One of those things is the old brick fireplace. If you have one in your home, you may want it to look different . Sure, the weathered look makes it pretty in an antiquated way, but in the long run you may want to refurbish its appearance to make it look new again.

The following are common reasons to give your old brick fireplace a brand new look:

1. The old bricks aren’t nice looking

If your fireplace was as pretty as you would like it to be, then there’s no reason why you should update its look. But the reality is, many fireplaces look outdated and ugly, even fireplaces constructed with high-quality bricks. You want your fireplace should look more modernized, and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to refurbish its look. As long as you know how to paint with the right techniques, your fireplace’s updated look can greatly affect the style and ambience of your home’s interiors.

2. Bricks have become discolored or you have replaced bricks

When the bricks of your fireplace get damaged, you replace them with newer bricks. Overtime, a fireplace will lose its overall appeal because of the newer bricks or patched mortar which doesn’t perfectly match the rest of the fireplace. Even if you try to duplicate the old look on the newly installed bricks or patched mortar, it will still look obvious.

Do you know that cleaning your fireplace can alter its overall look? It may leave your fireplace cleaner than before, but removing the most stubborn dirt, residue, and soot means you will need to use harsh cleaning chemicals, apart from laborious scrubbing. It will end up with a whole new look for your fireplace. Cleaning may also remove outer layer of the brick.

A simple repainting will eliminate the disparities in your fireplace, to give it a fresh look. It’s recommeded that you only use high-quality coats of paint which will seal bricks and thus protect the fireplace from damage.

3. Remove, cover, or improve existing paint

Trying to remove existing paint on your fireplace may sound easy. But in reality, once you start removing the paint it will become burdensome. This task is also messy, costly and even risky. Stripping the existing paint means using harsh chemicals that can be potentially harmful those living in the house.

There is a method called sandblasting (or abrasive sandblasting) where it forcibly propels an abrasive material against a surface to smoothen a rough surface, under high pressure. However, this method is only done outdoors and therefore not recomended for use inside your house. Sandblasting can leave considerable damage to the bricks. It can also leave an uneven surface which can be corrected by painting the surface.

Cleaning a fireplace using a wire brush is time-consuming; it can take several weeks or more to complete. Besides, after cleaning is done, it will leave more damage to your fireplace or at least look really awful.

When you decide to replace your existing brick fireplace with other materials such as granite or marble, it can cost you a fortune as these materials are expensive. And the cost is separate from the fees for the contractors who will do the demolition and installation. The results are costly, time-consuming, very inconvenient, and noisy.

To avoid these incoveniences, simply cover your old brick fireplace with a fresh coat of paint. You’ll want to choose a paint color which will blend with your interior.

Like any other surface, good prepping is a key to a good paint job. Lightly scrub the brick fireplace. Next, sand the surface and remove any dust and soot by using natural cleaning materials such as a mixture of water and vinegar. To achieve better paint adhesion, quality latex primer that is formulated for bricks is a necessity.

Families gather around fireplaces for both comfort and warmth during the colder months. You may want to give your old bricks a makeover but you don’t want to break the bank. You also don’t want to be inconvenienced. A fresh coat of paint may be the solution

Repainting will transform your outdated and dreary-looking brick fireplace into the center of attraction inside your home. If you have an old brick fireplace to freshen up its look, house painting in Danville will do the trick.

House Painting Danville – Painting Over Crayon

House painting in Danville is no easy job, especially if you have to hide flaws in the surface. Nothing is more frustrating than removing crayons from the walls when you’ve got little children in the house. Kids are just kids trying to explore their creative side. Unfortunately, a spotless wall is a sure target for them to turn it into a canvass.

If your children have left artwork on your walls, you may wonder if you can you paint over them. Unfortunately, crayons have a wax-resist effect. Painting alone won’t magically make the crayons disappear because when the paint is dry the wax displaces the paint and will appear again. Yes, even if you apply several layers of paint, it won’t cover the crayon.

But don’t lose hope. Luckily, there are ways to remove crayon marks on the surface when you are house painting in Danville. Surprisingly, the materials are easy to obtain and many of them are found just inside your home.

It is true that WD-40 is an automotive lubricant often called “the miracle fluid” because it has so many uses including removing any kinds of stains. Spray a small amount of WD-40 on a clean cloth. Next, wipe the crayon marks with the cloth. Or spray the WD-40 directly on the crayon marks. For stubborn crayon marks or older stains, it may take more effort to remove them.

There’s also another WD-40 product called the WD-40 No-Mess Pen. The product doesn’t leave messy residue and can be washed off after the crayon is gone. Just be careful when rubbing it off because the marks may damage the paint’s surface.

Baking soda
A damp cloth or rag dipped in a small amount of baking soda is another option. Gently scrub the crayon. The marks will come off almost instantly.

Get regular toothpaste, not a gel type, and a rag. Squeeze toothpaste directly onto the wall. Gently scrub the wall and then rinse it when the crayon marks are gone.

Pencil erasers
You can also try pencil erasers to remove crayon marks. Be sure to clean any residue left after erasing.

Steel wool
Aside from cleaning pots and pans, steel wool is also a good item to remove crayon marks. Rather than scrubbing in circles, skim the surface with the steel wool. Use straight strokes in one direction. Your walls will be clean in no time. Be sure to use gentle strokes to avoid scraping the paint on the walls

Pour undiluted vinegar in a bowl and soak an old, unused toothbrush in it. Use the toothbrush to scrub the crayon marks. The vinegar will cut through the majority of the oil used to make the wax.

After removing the crayon stains and washing the surface, let it dry. Then check to see if waxy or oily marks are left.

Some oil-based stains will require new paint; crayon stains, despite being oil-based, may not need it. Try any of the cleaning methods and chances are the stains will be removed.

But in case you still find waxy or oily marks, here are some ways on how to remove them:

  1. Apply a good quality primer over the remaining oily marks. For surfaces covered with latex paints, use a latex primer. Use an oil-based primer for walls with oil-based paints.
  2. Allow the primer to completely dry, but at least for four hours. Check the area periodically to see if oily marks are visible through the primer. If you can see the mark, another coat of primer is needed. Be sure to let it dry before checking again.
  3. When the primer is dry and you no longer see oily marks, you can begin to repaint.

If you accidentally scraped one of the outer layers paint while removing the stain:

  1. Lightly scrape or sand to remove loose paint. Then prepare the surface as usual.
  2. Apply drywall compound with a putty knife over the areas that have been scraped. A thin coat of spackling paste can also be used. Allow either to dry.
  3. After the drywall compound or spackling paste is dry, sand it until it is smooth. Make sure to sand the areas completely and remove residue before you apply primer, drywall texture, paint.
  4. Apply a primer, if necessary. This will ensure the paint sticks to the surface properly.
  5. After the primer has dried, you may add a fresh coat of paint.

If you notice your child has left crayon drawings on the wall, don’t get angry. Instead, take a picture so you can appreciate their creativity, and then consider these helpful tips the next time you need house painting in Danville.

Use the Right Paint for Each Application When House Painting in Danville

When you are about to do house painting in Danville, you may prefer using environmentally-friendly paints, or “green” paints. People are more aware of their “carbon footprint”, or the impact their decisions make on the environment. Paint companies are also manufacturing “green” paints, with a fascinating array of varieties.

Environmentally-friendly paints are generally water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, and mostly odorless. When they’re dried, they can be deemed safe for children and pets.

What constitutes a “green” paint? Most people start painting using paints with concentrations of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These include chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde. But a lack of these two chemicals is not the only things to determine if the paint is environmentally safe. There are other environmentally harmful chemicals that may be present in paint that includes biocides (which is a necessary ingredient to kills bacteria), vinyl chloride, phthalates, and others. Some packaging may also be a factor of the paint’s friendliness – or harm – to the environment.

Most of the biggest paint brands today also offer their own “green” paint options. You can find some of the “green” paint brands on the market that include Benjamin Moore Green Promise, Yolo Colorhouse No VOC Paint, Real Milk Paint, Delta Soy Paint, Sherwin-Williams GreenSure, Center*Star Thermopel, Glidden Brilliance, and Behr Premium Plus among others. These paint brands carry low levels of VOCs, or have no VOCs at all, and most of them are low-odor products, as well.

You can refer to information available on these major paint brands’ official websites to learn more about their paint. The information will let you know which of their paint varieties are deemed environmentally-friendly. Although VOC content is often the most visible element of the eco-friendly paint varieties, or paint compounds are also mentioned.

In accordance with federal regulations, paints are allowed to contain VOCs is 250 grams per liter (g/l) for flat paints. Other paint types may have 380 g/l VOCs. Paints that are labeled as “low VOC” should have 50 g/l or less. For paints labeled as “non-VOC,” they should be have 5 g/l or VOC’s or less. Each paint brand mentioned above offers paint that falls in the “low VOC” or “non-VOC” varieties, or both.

Some paint varieties that are advertised as “green” are devoid of heavy metals including lead, cadmium, and mercury. Take Real Milk Paint, for example, which uses pharmaceutical grade lime that is an antibacterial and helps cure (dries and hardens) through carbonization (pulling carbon dioxide from the air during its curing time). Like many chemical compounds found in paint, pharmaceutical grade lime is also a fire retardant that is more natural and safer than others available. Keep an eye out for these good qualities while looking for “green” paints.

If you want to add tint to your chosen paint, you may also want to confirm their VOC levels. Take note that some tints may dramatically increase the levels of VOC of the paint after they are added.

Discuss “green” paint options with experienced paint professionals when you are about to do house painting in Danville. They will able to provide recommendations for the environmentally-friendly paint they use.

For House Painting in Danville, First Impressions Matter

When considering house painting in Danville, first impressions do matter. There is a saying that “beauty is only skin-deep”. Beauty on the outside doesn’t matter much as long as you’re beautiful on the inside. Well, this doesn’t apply to houses, especially if you intend to re-sell your home. Chances are you have seen signs that flaunt how gorgeous a house’s interior are but when you look at the exterior it has old, chipped or peeling paint that looks worn-out and awful.

If you were to drive past that ugly house, you would probably nod your head and wonder what could be wrong inside, if the homeowners don’t pay attention to the outside? If you were a potential buyer, chances are you may get probably turned off by that house’s worn out exterior. You won’t even bother to step inside and have a look at the interiors (even if they look beautiful), much less to buy the house. You’d rather go and look for another house that will catch your eye and interest.

When trying to sell a home, first impressions do matter. The first impression could be the last impression, so it all falls to your home’s exterior whether it will make a break a deal. A fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior will definitely add more curb appeal, and Custom Painting, Inc. knows how to help make your home look its best – outside and inside.

Sure, you may want to paint the exterior yourself in order to save money. But you may also hire a professional contractor such as Custom Painting, Inc. Why the hassle, and why spend money on a contractor when you can do the painting yourself, you may ask?

The reason you may choose a contractor is because we know your time and your finances are the prime considerations. That’s why our employees are extensively trained painters and specialists. Besides, we use the best quality paint, so you’ll get an exterior painting done right to start with, you won’t have to worry about redoing something that doesn’t look right. What’s more, you’ll get the best quality service at a price that you can well afford!

Aside from making your exterior more appealing, painting your home will also protect it from damage due to time and natural elements such as the sun and moisture. When you paint your home before it is needed, you will save money on excessive prep work, and it may help prevent damage to the exterior surfaces such as sidings and stucco. With timely painting, these problems (and additional expenses) will be avoided.

Usually, exterior painting an average-sized home takes about two to three days. We at Custom Painting, Inc. make sure that we focus on our jobs without interrupting you inside. You can still stay in your home without any inconvenience. You can trust us to stand behind any work we do with a five-year guarantee on the paint as well as our workmanship.

Custom Painting, Inc. uses nothing but high-quality products from Kelly Moore Paints. If you aren’t sure about which paint colors for your exterior or your interior, we offer free computer color consultation to help you decide.

Don’t short change yourself or scare off potential buyers with unsightly exterior painting. Painting your house is the easiest and most affordable way to make your curb appeal more attractive. You may lose a potential buyer by saying “I’m gorgeous inside!” when you could very well choose exterior paint that will arrest anyone’s attention, including your potential buyers’! This is important to remember when doing house painting in Danville.

House Painting Danville: Don’t Settle For Unlicensed Painters

When you realize you cannot do house painting in Danville yourself, the best option is to choose a painting contractor. Since there are several painters in the area, you will want to be a little circumspect in choosing painters in Danville. These painters need to have extensive experience, and most of all, they should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Doing a little research on these painters is a good idea, because in the end you will benefit when you hire licensed painters in Danville.

Here are some reasons why you don’t want to settle for unlicensed painters in Danville, and instead choose legitimate and licensed contractors.

1) Protection from property damage

It is better to hire a licensed and insured painting contractor in Danville because it will protect you, the homeowner, from many things including possible property damage. Accidents happen every so often. In case the painter causes damage to your property, his company will pay the cost of repairs. You won’t pay for the damages someone who is hired to make your house beautiful caused, not to make things worse. Sure, hiring an unlicensed painter may be far less than a licensed painter, but remember that your savings could be lost due to property damage and poor quality work. This will likely need to be corrected by doing the work yourself or hiring a licensed painter to fix errors. Imagine that – hiring a licensed painter may have cost you more to begin with, but in the end you will be assured of a good quality job and most of all, peace of mind that comes from knowing the painters have obtained the proper licenses and insurance.

2) Prevention from paying possible costs caused by injuries or accidents

If you are having house painting in Danville, or elsewhere, there is a potential for someone to be injured. This is true especially for larger homes where using step ladders or other equipment is deemed necessary to paint.

While homeowners will have insurance, having a claim can increase their premiums. If the painter is injured seriously, the insurance may not cover all of their costs. Subsequently, the homeowners may be expected to cover any medical care which is not covered by their insurance policy. Worse, injured painters may also sue the homeowners for negligence which could mean legal costs in addition to medical expenses.

Hiring a licensed painter will prevent these possible scenarios from happening. When a painter gets injured while working, his care will be covered by his company. So life will become less stressful when you hire a licensed painter to do the painting for you.

3) Professionalism

Insured and licensed painters tend to be more professional. They take pride in their business and workmanship. This is why they have taken the time, effort, and resources to obtain the necessary licenses and insurance to be in business.

Should you choose the licensed or the unlicensed painter when you want to have painting done? Remember that when you choose unlicensed painters, it may save you money. However, if they’re not professional or do good quality work, it will cause problems as well as require additional expenses in the end. When you shop for painters in Danville, consider only those who are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Licensed painters tend to take their work more professionally, which homeowners prefer when house painting in Danville.