Wallpaper Removal

While doing house painting in Danville, CA, wallpaper removal before painting is a long, tedious, and messy process. But there comes a time when you must get rid of it, whether for health reasons or the purposes of putting your home up for sale, or you just get tired of your walls’ old look.

Suppose your home’s interior walls are covered with wallpaper that no longer serves its purpose due to significant damage, potentially causing damage to your walls, or simply does not match the current design aesthetic. In that case, it’s about time to get rid of them. 

Removal of old wallpapers

Reasons to let a professional handle your wallpaper removal

But before assuming to do wallpaper removal as a weekend DIY project, think again. Here are three reasons why you should hire a professional instead to do the wallpaper removal:

1) Your wallpaper is likely old and has been stuck there for quite some time. You may find wallpaper stuck to another wallpaper and more wallpaper. As a result, it creates layers of paper and adhesive. Most quality adhesives like this do not easily break down over time, making removing them more challenging. Allowing a professional with experience and the right equipment to handle the job makes sense.

2) If you try to remove the wallpaper yourself, you can easily damage your wall. A professional with training, experience, and the correct tools to do this job is less likely to cause damage. 

3) Wallpaper removal takes longer than you think, especially if you lack experience. If you attempt to DIY it, it will end up being more than just a weekend task. Skilled and experienced professionals can finish the job in a fraction of the time.

Custom Painting Inc.’s wallpaper removal process steps

Custom Painting, Inc.’s wallpaper removal approach usually consists of the following steps:

  • Initial assessment – We identify the type of wallpaper to determine the appropriate tools and techniques for removal.
  • Preparation – We prepare the workspace by removing wall décor and other installations, removing or covering furniture, covering the floors, and taping baseboards or trim (if any).
  • Wallpaper removal—We remove wallpaper from the walls. The complexity of the removal depends on the type and condition of the wallpaper.
  • Cleaning and preparation of the walls—We wash the walls to remove the adhesive paper and glue residues. Then, the walls are left to dry before being covered with new wallpaper, paint, or other wall treatments.

Painting the room

Benefits of professional wallpaper removal service from Custom Painting, Inc.

Hiring Custom Painting, Inc. to remove your old wallpaper can bring several benefits:

  • Expertise and experience – Professional wallpaper removal services from Custom Painting, Inc. have experience dealing with various types of wallpaper and wall surfaces. They know the most effective and efficient methods to remove wallpaper without damaging the underlying wall.
  • Time savings – Removing wallpaper can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not experienced or equipped with the right tools. Hiring professionals can save you significant time and effort, allowing you to focus on other tasks or activities.
  • Proper tools and equipment—Professional wallpaper removal services come equipped with specialized tools and equipment specifically designed for removing wallpaper efficiently. These include steamers, scrapers, and solvents that may not be readily available to homeowners.
  • Minimized damage risk – Improper wallpaper removal techniques can damage walls, leading to costly repairs. Professionals know how to minimize the risk of damage, ensuring that your walls remain intact throughout the removal process.
  • Cleaner results – Professional wallpaper removal services can leave your walls clean and smooth, ready for new paint or wallpaper installation. They have the skills to remove all traces of adhesive residue, leaving behind a pristine surface.
  • Safety – Some older wallpaper types may contain materials or adhesives that can be harmful if mishandled. Professional wallpaper removal services have the knowledge and training to safely remove wallpaper without posing health risks.
  • Cost-effective – While hiring professionals may seem like an added expense, it can be cost-effective in the long run. DIY attempts that result in damage or require additional materials can cost more than hiring professionals from the outset.
  • Peace of mind – By hiring professionals, you can know that the job will be done properly and efficiently. You won’t have to worry about potential mishaps or spending hours on a task you may not be familiar with.

Hiring a professional wallpaper removal service from Custom Painting, Inc. can save you time, effort, and potentially money while ensuring a high-quality result.

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