House Painting Danville – Choose Colors Your Teen or Tween Wants for Their Bedroom

House Painting Danville – Choose Colors Your Teen or Tween Wants for Their BedroomHouse painting in Danville and children are two completely opposite things that obviously may not go together well. However, your children, especially those who have reached their tween or teen years, crave their own space. Choose the bedroom colors that reflect their attitudes, personality and the things they like. Here are some practical suggestions to consider in order to achieve the room paint color your teens and tweens will enjoy.

The selection of colors is a bit of a challenge. There are many factors to consider that are related to the general color schemes before you finally choose specific colors. There are many things that influence the selection of a color scheme including: do you want to paint wall colors that will last as your child gets older, or you will have to choose a color scheme that will appeal to your child for now but will be redone in a couple of years as your child matures and/or his or her favorites change?

If you’re still not sure about what color paints to choose, it’s best to stick with classic neutral colors that will grow with your child. You may use one wall color and add more colors through furniture and accessories, or use two colors for your child’s room especially if there’s an accent wall.

When have agreed upon the basic color choices, take look at a color wheel. A color wheel can help you choose the base, accent and secondary colors. The colors in a color wheel can be:

– Complementary – color across the wheel; wholly opposite colors (examples of complementary colors are red and green or yellow and violet)

– Analogous – colors that are adjacent to the wheel (examples are as green, blue, and violet)

– Temperature – consists of warm and cool colors. The warm colors are red, orange and yellow, while the cool colors are green, blue and violet.

You can also start choosing colors based on your requirements, or your child’s preferences. You may also want to consider the effect that colors have on the people in the room. For instance, pink or gray have been proven to give a soothing, calming effect, while blue or green wall colors are conducive to studying and reviewing.

When it comes to the room’s decor, your child’s personality should be a major deciding factor, since it’s going to be his or her room. Some of the things to consider when choosing color should also reflect the child’s age, gender, leisure activities, and the things they like. Obviously girls will want calmer and lighter colors — the usual feminine or pastel colors such as pink or yellow. Boys, on the other hand, lean toward bright or dark colors like red and blue. If your child loves the outdoors, colors such as green, blue, and brown are considered, while a kid who’s into sports may enjoy wall colors that remind of his or her favorite team, or a particular favorite sport. Some children prefer light colors, some like bolder colors.

When you and your child have picked the colors that most appeal to both of you, consider the accents. You’d like to have a wall to be done up as a sports field, or a forest scene, depending on your child’s favorite leisure activities. These accents can add a fun factor to your child’s room.

Those are the best suggestions in picking the colors for your tween or teen’s bedroom, when you’re about to do house painting in Danville.