Danville, California – About the City

Danville, California – About the CityDanville is a town in Contra Costa County, California. It is also known as “The Heart of San Ramon Valley” since the town is situated in such location. Home owners choose Custom Painting, Inc. when they want to do house painting in Danville to keep the city looking beautiful.

Just like any other towns and cities in California, Danville was inhabited by American Indians (Bay Miwok Indians in particular). In 1854, brothers Daniel and Andrew Inman purchased ten thousand acres of land from the fortunes they made from the California Gold Rush. The town was then named Danville but not after Daniel Inman himself. A humble and modest man, Daniel Inman claimed that he named the town in honor of his mother, who was born in Danville, Kentucky.

During the 19th century, Danville’s population only comprised of 20 people, but that would grow soon. Thanks to its rich, fertile soil and gentle climate the town was able to produce bountiful crops. Cattle farming were also eventually introduced. The arrival of rails and railroad stations was the key factor of turning Danville from a sleepy town into a town with a viable agricultural economy as well as a good place for businesses and residences. Schools and churches were also built.

Danville was largely an agricultural town until the 1940s. After that time, other forms of business, industry, commerce and infrastructures made people’s lives better. The introduction of the I-680 along the valley, though, changed the lives of the town’s residents dramatically. By the 1980s, Danville’s population soared into the tens of thousands, and in 1982 the people voted to incorporate their town.

As of 2010 US Census, the population of Danville is presently at approximately 42,039. More than eighty percent of the town’s population is made up whites, with blacks, Native Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders as minorities.

Danville is presently led by Mayor Robert Storer. Danville’s Town Council appoints the following government positions: the town manager, city attorney, and advisory commissioners, who are tasked to do their own functions to carry out Danville’s policies.

Danville’s economy and business comprise of a combination of retail, real estate, and some vestiges of its glorious agricultural past. The cargo airline Asia Pacific Airlines houses its headquarters in Danville, although the operation is conducted in Guam. The country’s biggest companies such as Costco, Safeway, and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate have offices in Danville and are among the town’s largest employers. Other companies in the city include Keller Williams Realty Danville, J. Rockcliff Realtors, and Crow Canyon Country Club. Of course, others also run their own operations in Danville.

As Danville poses itself as an economically lively town, it still retains its small-town atmosphere with several amenities that both residents and visitors will enjoy. Danville has museums and historic sites such as the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site and Museum of the San Ramon Valley. It also has more than a dozen parks and recreational areas such Mount Diablo State Park and Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. Both public and private schools, and the Danville Library of the Contra Costa County, provide optimum education and learning for its students. Of course residents of Danville can enjoy the many benefits of living in California including its amazing mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and much more!

Home owners are proud of their city and its history. When they consider house painting in Danville, they consider the history of the city and do what they can to help maintain its beauty.