Do the Best Painting Contractors in Danville Work on Nights and Weekends?

The best painting contractors in Danville are dependable, among other things. For many businesses, the need to repaint their commercial spaces, offices and facilities is so urgent that it cannot wait for any more time. They may either want to have it painted during the daytime and office hours. Or, if they want to carry out the job more smoothly, they do the painting after office hours, during late nights and early mornings, weekends as well as holidays (when possible).

Is painting at night, during weekends or holidays necessary?

Only a few years ago, painting during the daytime and regular office hours was quite an inconvenience. One of the main reasons was the paint itself. Staff, visitors and customers were exposed to paint fumes and some of the employees with sensitivities were either forced to stay home or work to a temporary space. Traditional paints have VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which cause toxic fumes when the paints are applied onto the surface.

But with the recent advancements in paint technology, we now have paints available with low VOC’s or zero VOC’s. There are also the so-called “green paints” – environmentally friendly and solvent-free paint products made entirely of natural ingredients that may include chalk, milk or citrus. These non-conventional and eco-friendly paints perform almost in the same way as traditional paints do – they hold up and dry themselves well on the surface.

As paint products improve, painting during the day and business hours have become a lot safer than before. That makes painting after office hours, during late nights, weekends, or holidays not necessary at all.

Advantages of commercial painting during the evening and weekends

However, when clients are faced with too many business concerns, time constraints and other limitations, they have no other choice but to move the painting job after office hours or on weekends. Painting during the evening has some advantages, including:

  • Less inconvenience – Painting offices and facilities during the evening and weekends becomes easier and faster because you don’t have to worry about making a big inconvenience to anyone.
  • Less traffic and easier parking – Traffic in the city is horrible during weekdays, and parking is quite an ordeal! In contrast, driving and parking during weekends and late nights are much easier (and cheaper).
  • Easier painting job in common areas – Communal areas such as cafeterias, locker rooms, faculty rooms, restrooms, washrooms, lunchrooms, and boardrooms are busier during the day, and this may slow down the painting job. Painting these areas during the evening and weekends becomes faster and more efficient when uninterrupted.
  • Easier management – Dropping off paints, tools, and equipment at work sites is less of a burden during the evening and weekends. There are always available spaces in loading docks. Plus, elevators are empty, which makes transporting paints and equipment a lot easier.
  • Convenience for employees, tenants, office staff, visitors and customers – painting during busy hours can cause inconvenience for employees, tenants, office staff, visitors and customers, and may disrupt their normal business operations. Not only do they have to deal with the paint fumes, they may also encounter dust and waste especially when painters fail to contain them properly. But when the painting job is done during the evening, moving out the desks, filing cabinets and furniture becomes a lot easier. Once the painting job is done, the floors are cleaned, wastes are properly disposed of and the furniture are arranged back in place before the dawn breaks. Doesn’t it feel good when you walk into a bright and newly painted space without any hassle?

Do the painting contractors work during the evening and weekends?

Sure, painting at night brings convenience to both painting contractors and their workers as well as their clients. But if you ask commercial painters, the majority of them will agree that being in their own homes is where they would rather be at night and after working hours.

Certain areas (such as communal rooms mentioned earlier) are quite busy during the weekdays, and sometimes re-painting them becomes next to impossible. If you want a freshly painted space but dread the inconvenience, seek the services of the best painting contractors in Danville. They can paint your office space or facility at any time – even during the evening or weekends – to suit your needs without sacrificing quality and efficiency.