Best Painting Contractors Danville Tips to Clean Painted Surfaces

FBest Painting Contractors Danville Tips to Clean Painted Surfaces

The best painting contractors in Danville may provide you with some great tips on maintaining your walls after they have been newly painted. One of the simplest ways to do it is to clean them. Why do we say “simplest”? Although cleaning the walls can be a daunting task, it is very simple, but it can be time-consuming, especially if you own a large house or building.

When was the last time you cleaned your walls? You may sweep and mop your floors regularly, but it seems that it’s been a long time since your walls last saw a rag. While walls may not look as dirty as other household surfaces, they may have accumulated stains, marks, and dust that you may not have noticed. Considering how much you and your family lean against walls and touch them, cleaning them is also essential.

Know your paint finish

The tricky part of cleaning walls is doing so without damaging the paint job. The first thing you should know about cleaning walls is the type of finish. Whether the finish is flat or glossy will determine how scrubbing will affect the appearance of your wall.

Flat, satin and eggshell – Duller finishes such as flat (or matte), satin and eggshell may fade or get rubbed off with abrasive cleaning and brushing. Do not use brushes with stiff bristles, harsh chemicals, or degreasers when cleaning such paint finishes on your walls. Do clean them with a rag or sponge; make sure not to scrub too hard. The rag or sponge should be wrung out until almost dry before putting it to the walls.

Semigloss and glossy – Semigloss and glossy finishes are highly durable that they are typically used for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. It is fine to use mild cleaning chemicals or degreasers on glossy walls. Although these finishes are durable, they can still get rubbed off, so make sure to use a soft rag or sponge for cleaning glossy walls.

Know your type of paint

Aside from the type of paint finish, knowing what kind of paint is on the wall will also help you have the right approach to cleaning your walls.

Latex paint – If your walls have latex paint, one of the best ways to wash them is to have a bucket of warm water and a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner. Have a clean rag or sponge and dip it in the water, then wring it dry. Rub and clean the wall gently. Pay more attention to areas that receive higher traffic or areas that get touched more often (such as around doorknobs or light switches).

For cleaning stubborn stains, such as fingerprints or scuffs, or grime, prepare a paste of baking soda and water, and rub the area using a non-abrasive pad. You can also use a solution of water and white vinegar. If either of those methods still does not work, dampen a clean rag with rubbing alcohol and gently rub the wall.

Oil-based paint – If your walls are painted with oil-based paint, wash them with a solution of a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent and ¼ teaspoon of white vinegar into a quart of warm water. Let the solution sit for ten minutes before using it to blot or rub walls. 

If these tips do not work, it may be time to apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls. The best painting contractors in Danville can update your walls with the same color or shade, or maybe even with a new paint color to give the room a new look.