Are Affordable Interior Painters Near Me Alike?

Are Affordable Interior Painters Near Me Alike?It’s no doubt that painting adds attractiveness and liveliness to any building, no matter whether it is a house or a commercial building. However, selecting affordable interior painters near me might lead to significant differences, either getting the best result or the worst outcome in return. If clients (unfortunately) get the latter, might they have chosen the wrong painter for their project?

Not all affordable painters near me are the same, of course. Some have established reputations after years of business, while others have just started to make their names in the industry. Aside from longevity, other things set one painting contractor apart from another.

Residential vs. commercial painters

The difference between residential and commercial painters may seem obvious, although many painting companies, such as Custom Painting, Inc, provide both residential and commercial painting.

Both residential and commercial painting requires different tools, equipment, and skill sets.

  • Residential painting – This is painting a house. It can involve painting the interior or exterior of any home or residence. It is easier to paint a house than a commercial space, so sometimes homeowners prefer painting it alone. However, a professional painter does much better work than a DIY home painter.
  • Commercial painting – This refers to painting businesses and commercial establishments, although it can extend to painting industrial and government buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, etc. Urban apartments and high-rise condominiums are sometimes included in commercial painting, although these buildings are residential.

Here are the few key differences between a residential and commercial painter:

1) Experience

Commercial painters have enough experience and expertise in painting those sprawling shopping centers and high-rise office buildings compared to residential painters. Furthermore, only a professional team of painters is engaged in commercial and industrial painting jobs to protect these buildings from the general wear and tear caused by everyday traffic and keep them looking attractive to clients and employees. On the other hand, residential painters have the skills to paint the interior and exterior of a house. Some residential painters also have experience in doing carpentry work. They should also be excellent at communicating well with the homeowners. You want to hire a painter who pays particular attention to protecting the furniture, decor, flower beds, etc.

2) Number of team members

Most of the time, the scale of the team depends on the scale of the job. Commercial properties typically have larger square footage, so contractors will employ more painters to complete a project within the designated time frame. On the other hand, residential painting jobs are typically small-scale projects. Most of the time, they only require a few painters compared to commercial painting jobs. On average, two to three painters can efficiently finish a residential project within the allotted time frame.

3) Additional services

Services other than painting affect the overall cost of a project. Most contractors offer these relevant extra services to ensure your project goes smoothly and your home or business looks its best.

The painters must inform you about any of these extra services if they’re deemed necessary for the project so that you won’t be overwhelmed by the cost once you receive the written estimate.

Residential painters offer any or all of the following additional services (other than the regular interior and exterior painting):

  • Cabinet painting or refinishing
  • Drywall repair
  • Custom crown molding
  • Acoustic or popcorn ceiling removal
  • Power washing
  • Lead paint removal
  • Deck and fence painting or staining
  • Aluminum or vinyl siding painting, etc.

Commercial painters offer any or all of the following additional services:

  • Abrasive blasting or sandblasting
  • Concrete ceiling repair
  • High-durable coatings
  • Joint expansion sealing
  • Line stripping
  • Masonry coating
  • Metal door painting
  • Stenciling
  • Waterproof coatings

Despite the differences between residential and commercial painting, they share a common goal: to provide the best services possible.

Differences in the cost estimate

Another factor that differentiates among painters is the cost estimate. Depending on several factors, every painting contractor has their way of estimating a paint job.

A typical estimate includes:

  • The scope of work identifies all the surfaces to be protected, prepared, and painted.
  • Quantity takeoff measures all surfaces or counting all items to be painted.
  • Labor cost
  • Cost of materials

Is a particular estimate too good to be true? Remember that the purpose of an estimate is not to win your job, which is why you have to be careful not to hire a painter based on pricing alone.

Everyone wants to save money. Who doesn’t? A particular painter offers a bargain price, and you may be tempted to hire him. However, think of the consequence of choosing a cheap contractor. Unfortunately, some contractors will lower the bid to win your project, then increase it due to “new requirements” that may arise during the project. Other contractors may not charge as much but rush through the project using inferior paints and low-quality materials to cut costs.

The old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” which rings true in this case. A proper estimate should itemize the costs of all elements involved in producing a quality finish. If your painting estimate lacks detail, get the contractor to explain.

Are you looking for affordable interior painters near me to paint your home or business? You can be confident that Custom Painting, Inc. is above board in all our deals with clients. In our over 40 years in the business, our priority has been to provide quality results and outstanding customer service. Call us to request an estimate – it’s always free.