Call Us When You Need to Repair Stucco Cracks and Paint

Stucco, considered one of the oldest types of siding material, has been used for over a thousand years. It’s durable and matches the look of many neighboring homes.

While there’s no questioning stucco’s endurance, it can suffer flaws like any other siding, especially when improperly maintained. When you need to repair stucco cracks and paint, it’s better to have a professional painting contractor or builder fix these surface flaws and restore your stucco’s original appearance as if nothing happened.

Your stucco may be under attack – constantly.

While it may sound dramatic, stucco is especially susceptible to weather elements – sun, rain, wind, and snow – and the shifting earth beneath it.

Insects, and even some animals like woodpeckers, may also take shots at your stucco. And finally, as your house settles over time, cracks may appear in the stucco.

Not only can such damage make your stucco look ugly, but it can also lead to the eventual failure of your stucco exterior.

However, painting over damaged stucco is not a good idea. Even painting over the tiniest hairline cracks will not turn out right. Therefore, it’s imperative to first repair the damage on your stucco exterior before painting.

Other reasons for stucco cracks

Stucco cracks may also be caused by factors other than weather elements, insects and animals, and seismic events:

  • Insufficient or excessive mixing.
  • Wrong mixing proportions.
  • Rapid evaporation of the water from the stucco causes it to shrink and dry, making it more susceptible to cracking.
  • Your home’s normal settling.
  • Uneven settling of your home’s foundation.

Types of stucco cracks

Types of stucco cracks

The following types of stucco cracks can tell you when you should be concerned. Please take a look at some of them to get a better understanding of why they occur.

  • Hairline cracks – This type is typically less than 1/8 of an inch and may require routine maintenance. These cracks usually occur when the plaster settles and also due to construction work. You don’t have to worry about these cracks, as they are typically harmless. But repairing these cracks won’t hurt, as they usually require simple caulking before painting.
  • Spider cracking – If you see spider web-like cracks, it’s because your base coat fails to cure correctly or due to a wet mix or incorrect temperature setting.
  • Pattern cracking – Cracks showing a distinct pattern typically occur in wood-framed homes. They indicate poor installation of the metal lathe.
  • Diagonal cracking – If you see diagonal cracks, they could be due to structural settlement, foundation shifting, or seismic events in the foundations. These cracks are usually larger than 1/8 of an inch. Diagonal cracks can also be signs of structural settlement or changes in the slope of your home.

Call the pros when you need stucco repair and paint.

Having a professional painting contractor repair and paint your damaged stucco exterior can make a big difference. You can tell that by the quality results.

Stucco cleaning and repair are essential in professionally done prep work. The pros want to keep the stucco in good condition by repairing its flaws before painting.

Otherwise, painting over stucco with cracks or fissures can do more harm than good. The new paint will not adhere well to damaged stucco and may even cause eventual failure in your stucco exterior. That’s why repairing cracks and other flaws is a must to restore the appearance of your stucco exterior and maintain your home’s overall structural integrity.

Call the pros when you need stucco repair and paint

Quality paints and coatings are other keys to your stucco exterior’s durable and smooth finish. Professionals use premium paints and primers specifically made for stucco and different types of masonry. Premium paints and primers are more durable, require fewer coats, and provide a more beautiful and longer-lasting finish to your stucco exterior.

Indeed, quality exterior stucco painting can boost your home’s curb appeal and even increase its value on the market.

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