Will a Painting Company That Could Repair-Replace Exterior Wood Rot Be Expensive?

Will a Painting Company That Could Repair-Replace Exterior Wood Rot Be Expensive?Exterior wood rot is more than a mere cosmetic problem. It’s like cancer – if not detected and addressed early, it could spread to the other parts of your home and compromise its structural integrity. Depending on how far the wood rot has spread, you can repair it by yourself or hire a painting company that could repair-replace exterior wood rot.


Siding, railings, fascias, soffits, beams, and columns can be affected by rain and melted snow pooling against them. Over time, moisture can penetrate wood, causing it to rot. It would help if you removed wood rot as soon as you see it. 


Wood rot – repair or replace?

Deciding when to repair or replace the wood feature affected by rotting is a challenging choice. Check out a few factors below that can help you make the right decision when dealing with wood rot.


Discover the severity of the damage.

When wood rot is detected early and has not yet spread to the other parts of the house, it can be easily repaired to prevent further damage. But when wood rot extends throughout and starts to break down the integrity of the feature, you should replace the wood entirely.


What is the structural significance of the affected wood?

The area where wood rot occurs can also be a significant deciding factor. If wood rot appears in beams, columns, joists, or other features integral to your home’s structural stability, your concerns change from mere aesthetics to safety. Though you can take measures to repair minor damage, replacement is usually the better option when dealing with wood rot in these features.


But if wood rot appears on less structurally significant features, such as the exterior surface of the siding or deck railings, you can get by with simple repairs.


The cost of making repairs versus the cost of replacement

Safety should always be the top priority and concern. But there are budgetary concerns, too, regarding home improvement. Cost is also a significant factor that you can use to help you decide whether to have the affected wood repaired or replaced. 


Both repair and replacement require time, effort, and cost, but replacing rotted wood may be more costly and complicated than repairs.


In most cases, repairing minor to moderate damage usually costs less than replacing the entire wood feature. Repairing wood rot in its early stages may save you some money. But when wood rot has become more advanced, ongoing repairs can be more costly than the one-time replacement of the entire wood feature.


So, are there painting companies that could repair-replace exterior wood rot?

Some companies specialize in wood rot repair and replacement. But if you are also seeking painting services, you may wonder whether there are painting companies that offer such services. The answer is yes; there are painting contractors in and around the Bay Area who could do repair-replacement of wood rot.


You only have to search for them online, browse their company websites or social media to check out their services or contact them by messaging or calling. Ask these painting contractors if they also offer wood rot repair and replacement.


Is hiring a painting company that could repair-replace exterior wood rot expensive? How much it will cost depends on the variables that can dictate the cost – review the three factors mentioned above. 


For example, replacing the entire wood feature may cost you more, but it can save money in the long run from ongoing repairs. Don’t forget to factor in the structural significance of the affected wood feature – is the wood feature important to your house’s structural integrity? Whether the wood rot is insignificant or has started to spread to the other parts of the home, you may want to replace the entire wood feature. Thus, it would help if you got your budget ready for it.


If you’re still unsure whether wood rot should be repaired or replaced, contact the professionals for their opinion. Custom Painting, Inc.’s pros have over 40 years of painting and other home improvement services. Not only can we help you inspect and assess the damage – but we are also a painting company that can repair-replace wood rot


Have you checked your home and found wood rot? Call Custom Painting, Inc. at (925) 294-8062 or contact us at https://custompaintinginc.com and request a free estimate. With Custom Painting, Inc., you can stay on top of your maintenance to keep your home safe and looking great.