Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Painter

Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Painter

If you plan to update the look of your business – whether it is a small retail store or a large company building – nothing is more appealing than giving it a new look and feel, which can positively impact your customers and staff. A fresh coat of paint in new and … Read more

Considerations for Painting Commercial Buildings


As a business or commercial property owner, you are aware that appearances are just as important as the operation of the business itself. High-value products with quality packaging and sterling services at attractive rates are part of promoting your business to consumers. The same goes for the appearance of your commercial building.  … Read more

Benefits of Using Caulk around Trim and Baseboards

Benefits of Using Caulk around Trim and Baseboards

For many people, installing trim and baseboards for interior painting in Danville, CA is as simple as lining them up and driving in a few nails or screws. However, is this description correct? Not really. If you’re installing trim or baseboards in the house, it’s important to know that they should be flush … Read more

Can Feng Shui Help You Choose a Color?

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If you’re having trouble deciding on colors for your home, Custom Painting, Inc. can help or you choose a color palette for your interior painting of your Danville home. Or, you may want consider something out of the ordinary to help you choose. Feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects … Read more

Things That Can Affect the Job Estimate

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A fresh coat of paint keeps your residential or commercial property looking great and gives visitors an excellent first impression of your property. In addition to aesthetic improvement, when you need painting contractors in Danville or other Bay Area cities, you want to know it will protect your building from weather elements … Read more

Restoring Different Home Exteriors

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Keeping your home exterior in good shape is more than just an excellent way to improve its appearance. It also helps you avoid costly repairs down the road. Preventative maintenance goes a long way and helps extend the life of your home’s exterior surface. No matter what material type of your home, … Read more

Exterior House Painting in Danville Increases Your Home’s Value

Exterior House Painting in Danville Increases Your Homes Value

Fading, peeling, or cracking paint can drastically decrease your home’s aesthetic appeal and value. In such a case, exterior house painting in Danville plays a crucial role in restoring and even maximizing your home’s curb appeal, increasing its resale value, and standing out among the neighboring homes. Exterior painting is the solution … Read more

Interior Painting Tips for House Painting in Danville

Interior Painting Tips for House Painting in Danville

Everyone is looking for tips, and life hacks when it comes to managing their home. Indeed, house painting in Danville isn’t bereft of interior painting tips that every DIY painter can benefit from learning. Custom Painting, Inc. has the experience and expertise to do your interior painting. The following lists some tips … Read more

Custom Painting, Inc. Does Commercial Painting in Danville

Custom Painting, Inc. Does Commercial Painting in Danville

Commercial painting in Danville is a quick and cost-effective way of updating the look of your commercial property. Repainting your business every couple of years should be one of your priorities. Why? A fresh coat of paint (and a few tweaks on the furnishing) can impress new and long-time customers, attract tenants, … Read more

House Painting Danville – Understanding Residential Painting

House Painting Danville Residential Painting

When buying a new home, you may consider financial responsibility. But don’t forget about the amount of labor and time that comes with home ownership. You may keep your home in tip-top shape with maintenance. House painting in Danville can help prevent you from wasting money trying to keep your home looking … Read more